Hello sweet blog of mine… I have missed you.

Life has been throwing many obstacles in my direction (and in my family’s) the last few months. I mentioned a bit ago in my roller coaster post that my uncle had passed away in October… and more recently, my grandmother passed away in February. This is the grandmother that lived next door to my parents. Both of their passing came as a shock to our family and we are all still dealing with the loss in our own ways, as we will be for a long time.

Needless to say, we haven’t accomplished much in the wedding planning department. I do have my dress, though–we bought it the weekend before Grammy passed and my mom was able to share photos of me in it with Grammy on their way to Seattle. She approved, but said the lace-trimmed veil I was wearing with it was “too much” (I agree).

Just writing that and thinking about how much that means makes the tear factory start up all over again. Goodness.

Grammy is going to have a big presence at the wedding–we were planning on borrowing her milk glass vases early on, and since then we’ve found other treasures that we’ll be able to use. I also plan on using the antique tea table she gave me awhile ago… somehow. And other jars, platters, linens, etc. from her in addition to the ones I have already.

It’s slowly coming together.

Oh, and in case you missed them, we had our engagement photos taken by Trembley Photography! I went to school with Josh, so it was nice to reconnect with him and meet his awesome wife, Danielle. They did a STELLAR job with our photos and I can’t wait to see what they capture on our wedding day! They are going to blend in perfectly and I know we’ll have a great time with them. Plus, Danielle is just as crazy about their cats as I am about mine!


Check out their blog post about our engagements here! I hope to add some of the photos to my blog here… and eventually get some printed, too. (John’s mom already has a scrapbook of our engagements and I don’t even have any printed yet! I’m suck a slacker.)

And on top of all that… our local dog show is this weekend. It’s been a challenge this year to get everything in place, but I’m hoping that all of the drama/issues are out of the way and it will be smooth sailing during the show!!

the proposal

October 19, 2013

John and I spent the day in Seattle… we wandered Pike Place Market where I had my very first piroshki (tasty, but I’d go with a different flavor next time), took the monorail to Seattle Center and went to the Pacific Science Center, a place that had been on our “list” of things to do since we started dating over a year and a half ago.

I had forgotten how much I love the PSC!! The dinosaurs were still just as awesome (even if they are starting to show their age), the healthy eating exhibit was lots of fun, and I loved the new-to-me butterfly room! I got lots of pretty photos… one of these days I’ll get around to going through photos I’ve taken over the last six months or so.
It was a wonderful day.
We made it home and were getting ready to head to my parents’ house for dinner when John told me that he something else for me (he had already given me my birthday present–a Kreg Jig!!), did I want it before going to my parents’ or after? Admittedly I was a little suspicious… so I told him I wanted it before…
Then he said, “You’re weird,” and I agreed… then, “I’m weird. Do you want to be weird together, forever?” and pulled out this awesome little black box with a gorgeous ring inside.

Today... I turned 29. Saturday... I spent an awesome day in Seattle with my love. We got home and he told me I was weird. And that he was weird. Then he asked if I wanted to be weird together, forever. I said yes.
I said yes.
Then I laughed… at about 6 months into our relationship we spent a weekend away in Forks. When we got back home he told me that he loved me for the first time. This time, we spend the whole day having fun in Seattle and he waits until we’re home again to propose. Really quite fitting, actually.
He told me that the ring had been in his pocket the whole day. He was worried that I would try to put my hands in his pocket to warm up (it was a foggy, cold day) and then he’d have to stop me and I would know something was up. In the end I had no clue, whatsoever.
The ring has a morganite stone… John doesn’t really like diamonds, so awhile back I started looking at alternatives and found the morganite (thank you Pinterest!) and fell in love. I mentioned it to him, but nothing else. He picked out the ring and it’s perfect. Very “me.”

roller coaster

There’s a lot going on right now and I have little energy to make a devoted post for each thing, even though they all deserve it. It’s been an emotional roller coaster this past week, with crazy high ups and crazy low lows. For now… a list.

John and I got engaged!!! I owe a better story and a photo of my amazing ring (that he picked out!) at another time… needless to say, I’m super happy, excited, and cannot wait to be his wife. As excited as I am to plan a great celebration that we can share with our family and friends, I am even more excited for the adventures we’ll have after we’ve said “I do.” Cheesy, but oh-so-true.

HIGH (I think?)
My birthday was on Tuesday… the big(ish) 2-9. 29 just seems so much older than 28. It’s weird. John got me a Kreg-Jig that I can’t wait to use and I had a yummy dinner with my folks, sister, and nephew.

My uncle, my mom’s brother, passed away unexpectedly Wednesday morning. It’s been a shock to us all. We’re all in “business mode” for planning his services, sharing the sad news, figuring out his estate stuff, etc.

Because I don’t like to end on a low and I’m doing my best to see the light in everything, taking it where I can get it… I got my Comcast bill down! I’m not sure what the exact bill will come to (have to wait and see) but I managed to get at least $25 off after a few phone calls. Win!

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Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 14

Things That Make Me Smile are posted on Tuesday mornings… because it’s good to be reminded of the things that make us smile, big or small. If you’d like to join me, grab the button and link up at the end of this post. Then check out some (or all!) of the others that have joined in and spread the smiles!

1. When things work out. This whole government shut-down thing is still sucky, but things came together so that my mom could take off the leave she needed for us to continue our road trip to Boise for the dog show as planned!*

2. My family. I had such a great time with my mom, aunt, and cousins last weekend! I’m already trying to think of other outings and fun things we could do together. As will all things, if we don’t make the time to do them, they won’t happen.

3. Impromptu coffee/tea catch-up sessions. Speaking of things working out and making time for things/people… last Saturday (the day before the tea festival) I set a date to meet with a friend to give her some money for a fundraiser and we decided to make it into a quick catch-up session. It was so, so nice! It reminds me that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to spending time with people–it doesn’t need to be a big to-do. It can be a quick cup of coffee/tea/drink.

Zonked Louie

4. Sweet, innocent, little kittens. My cats used to be so small and cute and innocent… they’ve been driving me nuts lately so I need a little reminder of how good they used to be. And a lot of fingers crossed that they’ll be better behaved soon. (The photo above is Louie when he was only a couple months old.)

*I wrote and scheduled this post in advance since I didn’t think I’d have time to write anything once I got back from the dog show… so as of writing this, I don’t know how we did. Once I recover from the adventure east, I’ll be sure to post about it!

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Life Love Sincerely

Life Love Sincerely


Luke and Leia
We had our first litter of Tollers born on May 4 of this year. Naturally, we decided on a Star Wars theme: Luke and Leia! Luke is now Obi (they went with our theme!) and lives with his forever family in Oregon. Leia is now Scarlett and lives with her forever family in Alaska. They were only a day or so old, if that, when this photo was taken. (Luke/Obi is on the left with the solid white blaze, Leia/Scarlett is on the right.)
I wasn’t blogging much while we had the puppies… so I have a LOT of cute puppy pictures that I never shared in blog-land! (There are a bunch on my Instagram account, though.) Something to look forward to… :)
PS. Today is the first day of the dog shows in Boise, ID and I’m showing Taylor… wish us luck!!

Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 13

“Things That Make Me Smile” is posted on Tuesday mornings… because it’s good to be reminded of the things that make us smile, big or small. If you’d like to join me, grab the button and link up at the end of this post. Then check out some (or all!) of the others that have joined in and spread the smiles!

1. Oktoberfest season! One of my favorite times of year! Mostly because many restaurants and grocery stores have delicious pretzels and German food… really, you can’t go wrong. There are also lots of Oktoberfest celebrations going on, but I have yet to go to one. I doubt it will happen this year (October is already crazy full) but maybe it will be on our list for next year! We’ve already been to Silver City and enjoyed their soft pretzels with cheesey and mustardy dippings sauces… so good. I also had their Bavarian pizza (with carmelized onions, bacon, and some sort of cheese I’ve never heard of) and John had their Bratwurst. It was all delicious–I hardly even cared how not-good-for-me it was.

I love this time of year.
2. Coming home to fresh homemade soup that has been cooking all day in the slow cooker. It makes the house smell so wonderful and homey. Even better when the soup turns out to be yummy… and healthy!
3. Swagbucks! I’ve earned over $60 in Amazon gift cards so far! It’s taken awhile to do, but it all adds up. (When you sign up, you can earn Swagbucks for online searches, answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, online shopping, contests, and more. The Swagbucks you earn are redeemable for a variety of gift cards.) I use Amazon a lot, especially for Christmas shopping, so the $60+ I’ve earned so far will come in handy!
4. Hanging out with this blonde, curly-headed kiddo. Even when he downright refuses to sleep without his buddy, Eeyore. Other fuzzy friends just won’t do, no matter how soft they are. He already has two, but I found another on eBay and fought to win the auction… we’ve learned that you can’t have too many back-ups.
5. Painting my nails. So simple, so girly. I used to be toes-only when it came to painted nails, but I’ve come to enjoy having my fingernails painted more ever since I discovered Julep. I’m not very good at waiting until the paint is totally dry so I scuff it up more than I’d like, but I’m getting better.

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Life Love Sincerely

Life Love Sincerely